Gaules sets insane viewership record watching CSGO Major

Retired Counter-Strike pro Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba has set an insane viewership record for his Twitch channel while watching the 2022 CSGO Major.

The first CSGO Major of 2022 is finally here and millions of esports fans are ready for the action. The 17th PGL Major Antwerp is well underway and teams from across the globe are battling it out for $1million.

Day 3 of the Legends Stage event saw renowned organizations take the stage such as FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, and Cloud 9. But the day was also a legendary event for former CS Pro and Twitch streamer Gaules.

Gaules has been watching the CSGO Major on his stream since it kicked off on May 9th. While he’s no stranger to tens of thousands of viewers, his viewership would skyrocket as soon as his coverage of the event started.

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gaules-ronaldo-podcast-twitchTwitch: Gaules
Gaules, the Portuguese-speaking Brazilian has hit a new all-time high viewer record.

Gaules sets viewer record during CSGO Major

While watching the Major, Gaules has seen an astronomical number of viewers each day. Seven of the past eight days, Gaules has peaked at over 100k viewers and reached a staggering 437k concurrent viewers on May 15.

But on May 16, during an intense match between Cloud 9 and Imperial, Gaules would set a new record for his channel with 707k concurrent viewers. That’s several hundreds of thousands of people watching Gaules watch esports.

At the time of reporting, Gaules is live spectating the Major once again with his viewers already reaching back into the 300k range. His ability to pull viewers stems from his non-stop commentary and knowledge of the game, having been a part of the pro scene.

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The PGL Major Antwerp will run until May 22 giving Gaules plenty of time to break his record yet again. Regardless, his stream on May 16 was one for the books.

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