Former OpTic CS:GO Player and Coach Hazed Provides Update on Missing Payment Situation

by Ross Deason
Credit: Esports Championship Series


James’ hazed’ Cobb, a former coach and stand-in for the OpTic Gaming CS:GO team, has provided an update on the lack of payment that he received from the organization.

Hazed joined OpTic as a coach in April of 2017 but soon found himself standing in for the team at various events like IEM Sydney and the ECS Season 3 Finals.


Unfortunately a breakdown in communication led to hazed revealing in February of 2018 that he had not received any prize money from the team for the events that he participated in - a revelation that caused quite the stir within the community.

OpTic Gaming’s management were quick to respond, stating that they would never intentionally fail to compensate a player for their services and that the situation would be dealt with promptly.


It seems that the people at OpTic were true to their word because on May 12th the veteran player took to Twitter to post an update, saying that he has now received money for all of the tournaments he attended with the team.

As hazed was only a trial coach and stand-in for OpTic Gaming during the time in question, the organization was not contractually obliged to pay him and he makes it clear that he is very grateful  for the way things were handled.


After the amount of flak that they received when the news first broke, OpTic Gaming staff are sure to be just as thankful that hazed posted the update and put the whole situation to bed.

Hazed attended a total of four offline events with OpTic Gaming, finishing 5th-8th at ESL One Cologne and the ECS Season 3 Finals, winning the CyberPower Spring Invitational, and placing 3rd - 4th at IEM Sydney.

With those results, the North American player is sure to have received a substantial payday once it arrived from OpTic Gaming.