Fifflaren accuses Ninjas in Pyjamas of mistreating players in tell-all interview

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Former Counter-Strike pro Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson made some serious accusations against his former organization Ninjas in Pyjamas in an interview with Richard Lewis.

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Update: Full interview

Original article:

Fifflaren was part of the legendary NiP team that dominated the first two years of CS:GO, famously achieving an 87-game win streak that still stands as one of the greatest feats of dominance in esports history.

It seems Fifflaren doesn’t have entirely happy memories of the period, however, as now, nearly five years after retiring from professional play, he’s accused Ninjas in Pyjamas of mistreating the players in a variety of ways.

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Fifflaren claims that much of the prize money during NiP’s 2012-13 run never actually reached the players, that management made roster decisions without consulting the players, and that the players’ contracts featured a variety of unfair clauses such as one that allowed the organization to fire them at any time.

The Swedish ex-pro also recounted a variety of anecdotes about dealings with the management during his time there, including an occasion on which the players were informed that then-CEO Niklas Fischier had taken money from the organization and “fled to Thailand”.

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Fifflaren also had a clear message for former team-mate and current NiP player Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund, whose time as a player in the organization looks to be coming to an end after the team announced they would be looking for a long-term replacement for him following the StarLadder Berlin Major.

“Fucking leave! Dude, listen, you’re not even that old. This team has really fucked you. I think the other two players that left are much happier now. Listen, you don’t owe NiP anything, GeT_RiGhT. If anything, they owe you fucking everything.”

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The accusations against the team go beyond the financial, however, as Fifflaren also corroborated reports that NiP players had to make a written application to the organization in order to have a girlfriend, as the organization was apparently concerned about the effect relationships could have on their focus on the game.

For those that weren’t able to catch the interview live, unfortunately you’ll have to wait to see the full thing until the video is released by Richard Lewis.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas haven’t yet made an official comment on the accusations levelled against them by their former player.

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