FaZe reveal behind the scenes of CSGO team’s Major Antwerp win

Stefan Petrescu/PGL

FaZe Clan made history by winning the PGL Antwerp CSGO Major on May 22 – the first international roster to do so. The organization released a short documentary showcasing how Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen led the team through the tournament to their eventual victory.

Before this win, FaZe Clan’s CS team, and karrigan had never laid claim to a CS:GO Major, and it was clear through the 27-minute video that karrigan was ready to change that.

“Just play our f**king game, guys, close out.” karrigan said before FaZe’s match against NIP in the Champions Stage. “This is where we play the best, on the stage under pressure. It doesn’t matter who we play today.”

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That energy permeated almost every match as the IGL kept his team’s spirits high and guided them through the tournament while also putting up carry performances of his own. The 32-year-old ended the tournament with an HLTV rating of 1.01 and a 0.97 Impact.

FaZe’s mindset at the CS Major

Throughout the event, FaZe only dropped two maps and looked in top form despite starting with a loss to ENCE in the Legends Stage. While karrigan and the team took the tournament seriously, the documentary showed how the players still enjoyed themselves at the event.

“[IEM Katowice] brought the team together and I think…. at [ESL Pro League] and the Major we had the same mindset,” karrigan said. “Even if we lose stupid rounds enjoy the game and still try to do out best.”

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Helvijs ‘broky’ Saukants can be seen playing catch with a paper ball with the team’s manager before a match a few times and before each series the FaZe members let out a cheer of “Bobby” for rapper Bobby Shmurda. Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken suggested the cheer before their match against Bad News Eagles and it stuck.

Nerves weren’t a factor for the squad, according to longtime FaZe member Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard. The team only really let the moment get to them during their semifinal bout with Team Spirit, who were coming in hot off of a 2-0 series against FURIA.

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“I think that was the most nerves we had the entire tournament,” MVP-winner rain said in the documentary.

The team then went on to face NAVI and beat them in a 2-0 fashion. After FaZe ended the final round, the players jumped out of their seats and came together for one final cheer in the booth.

As FaZe’s players stood on stage with the trophy, karrigan explained what the win meant to him after going so long without reaching the top of the esport.

“To be honest, never back down. It doesn’t matter how hard life hits you, I’ve been benched a few times, came back. All I wanted in my life was to make history with an international team at a Major and we f**king did it in here,” karrigan said after lifting the trophy.

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