FaZe Clan’s Olofmeister reveals why he’s “taking a break” from CSGO

Published: 23/May/2020 23:26 Updated: 24/May/2020 0:08

by Alan Bernal


Counter-Strike legend Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer Gustafsson is stepping away from FaZe Clan’s active CS:GO lineup, citing issues with fatigue and motivation as reasons for his decision.

FaZe announced the update with Olof in a May 23 Twitter post that suggested the Swedish veteran will be coming back to the lineup, but after a much-needed break to recover.

“I still love the game and the scene but I need to regain my motivation,” he explained. “I am going to take some time off to recuperate and think about my future.”

He indicated that he’s been feeling increasingly fatigued and will use this break to rediscover his motivation to play at the level he’s always shown.

“I have decided to take a break from Counter-Strike,” Olof said in his letter to the fans. “During the last period, I have felt increasingly fatigued and that I have been losing the motivation needed to do myself, my teammates, and the FaZe Brand justice.”

FaZe Clan Twitter
Olof’s departing message from FaZe Clan to the fans.

He signed off with an encouraging message saying “we’ll meet again,” as his teammates showed their support in his decision.

“Thank you Olofmeister for everything!” FaZe’s Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard said. “Was a dream come true when you joined back in 2017 and have so many great memories in-game and out of the game with you! No matter what you decide is next in life good luck brother.”

FaZe Clan have been struggling in recent events, but the team are still largely seen as a top 10 team in the world given their roster loaded to the brim with elite level players.


The 28-year-old will leave a void in a team consisting of rain, Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač, Marcelo ‘coldzera’ Augusto David, and Helvijs ‘broky’ Saukants. Coach and former pro player Janko ‘YNk’ Paunović will likely step in to fill the empty spot in the lineup if no other announcements are made.

FaZe Clan are set to begin their run at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 European qualifiers on May 25. They make up the four-team Group C along with fnatic, GODSENT, and Spirit. Their first matchup will be against GODSENT, who FaZe made quick work of the last time they met – a 2-0 affair at ESL One: Road to Rio on May 5.

Whether or not they can replicate that result without Olofmeister remains to be seen, as he’s one of CSGO’s most decorated players and fans are eager to see what is next for his career.


Team Vitality CSGO fined $10,000 for stream-sniping at BLAST Premier

Published: 23/Jan/2021 15:29 Updated: 23/Jan/2021 15:38

by Calum Patterson


The Esports Integrity Commission have fined Team Vitality $10,000 “in response to stream-sniping breach of the ESIC Code,” the commission confirmed on January 23.

What happened?

During their match against Team Liquid at the BLAST Premier Global Final, viewers spotted a screen behind the Vitality players which appeared to display the live broadcast of the match.

This is strictly against tournament rules, as teams may be able to gain an advantage by seeing the opposing team’s point of view – even with a delay on the broadcast.

Although ESIC did not find any “malicious intent” from Vitality, their zero-tolerance approach “mandates accountability from the organisation for the breach.”

Vitality stream sniping csgo
The monitor behind the players appeared to show a feed of the stream.

ESIC fines Vitality

In their statement, ESIC says it “received and assessed VOD footage and player camera footage and found that this breach occurred in [the match against Team Liquid], as well as having occurred in map 2 of Team Vitality’s game against Complexity.”

ESIC’s review “does not suggest that the players were information derived from the stream or that they gained any advantage in their matches as a result of the code violation.”

They confirm that Team Vitality has accepted responsibility for the breach.

BLAST’s commissioner Andrew Haworth said that they immediately told Vitality to turn off the stream and referred the incident to ESIC and assisted in the investigation.

Richard Lewis, in a reaction for Dexerto, argued that Team Vitality should have been disqualified for the breach, to maintain competitive integrity.

Team Vitality still move on ahead of Team Liquid, who drop to the lower bracket. Vitality will face Astralis in the winner’s final, while Team Liquid take on NaVi for a spot in the loser’s final.

You can keep up with all the action at the BLAST Premier Global Finals with our coverage hub.