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FalleN responds as MiBR come under fire for stacking FPL CS:GO match

Published: 11/Jul/2019 10:25 Updated: 11/Jul/2019 11:50

by Kamil Malinowski


MiBR’s captain Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo has issued an apology on Twitter, after annihilating another team in a one-sided FPL game with full lineup.

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The Brazilian squad queued up in a full five-man stack for a Faceit Pro League match on July 10 and were matched against five solo FPL players. 

Clearly, this was an unfair matchup, bringing together one of the best teams in the world and players who are not even professionals, but that didn’t stop them from ruthlessly dispatching of the the team. 

FaceitThis might have been the scariest FPL lineup imaginable.
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It is easy to see why some controversy formed around this. The FPL players wanted to play a game against other FPL players, not a fully premade team, and definitely not against the likes of MiBR. 


For some of these players, it could be argued that there’s even money and a potential future in Counter-Strike on the line, as FPL offers both a cash prize and exposure to top placing players. 

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One of the competitors, ‘tyfoon’, quickly tweeted at the team, calling out the Brazilians for playing as a five stack against five lower tiered players, rather than scrimming against other pros. 

To him, a loss means the end of his winning streak and a loss of points, which could result in him losing money due to a lower placement in the league. 


“Sorry mate, I understand you play it for different reasons, we only play it occasionally for fun,” replied FalleN. He attempted to defuse the situation and even offered to contact the Faceit admins to have the match canceled. 

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In a follow-up response, he also stated that: “You can see this as an opportunity to test your game against a more organized opponent.” 

This seemed to resonate well with tyfoon, who was happy to be able to test his skills against one of the best in the world, but still thinks that a match between a pro team and a mix of amateur players should not happen again. 


It is unknown if tyfoon and the rest of the group will get their points back from this very one-sided match, but it seems both parties have worked out their issues.