FalleN and k0nfig call for CS:GO devs to make changes to AUG meta

Valve / Dreamhack

CS:GO pro players Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo and Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke have called for changes in the current AUG meta due to balancing issues.

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CS:GO has always been known for its simplicity, with very few major weapon balancing changes over the years for competitive players to worry about.

The AK-47 and the M4 variants have been the go-to weapons of choice for rifle players, up until recently when players started using the AUG after the gun received an update making it cheaper to purchase.

ValveThe AUG has been one of the more controversial weapons in CS:GO.
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It quickly became a part of the competitive meta, causing quite a big play-style shift during pro matches. But, not everyone has been as happy to adapt to the weapon as others.

OpTic Gaming pro k0nfig shared his thoughts on the current state of CS:GO, claiming that it was better before the weapons update: “CS was better without AUG. Just a solid fact.”

Before Brazilian star, FalleN, responded by saying that the game was less tactical in the AUG ‘meta’, explaining: “Game is definitely much more aim-based than before. Can’t really say if it’s better or not, just different strengths for sure.”

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They went on to break down some of the issues with the weapon’s current state and how to balance the weapon. 

k0nfig Detailed the crouch and spray mechanics players have been using to get an upper hand in a gunfight, adding, “I just don’t like the crouch and spray from AUG, they should change it to KREIG same fire rate and recoil but keep the AUG damage.”

Fallen conceded that he had given up with thinking of new ways they could balance the AUG in the current meta, explaining how much more cautious they need to be when playing against the gun.

“Fact is terrorists now have a hard time trying to strafe and find kills when opening areas because one error is fatal.”

The OpTic Gaming star refused to give up hope however, even calling out the official CS:GO developers Twitter to see some potential changes in future.

They don’t seem to be only ones frustrated with the current meta, as when the gun was first being introduced to the meta in January 2019, FaZe Clan‘s star player, NiKo, also shared the same opinion.

Although it would be unlikely to happen without testing, there has been no indication that the CS:GO developers have been looking at making changes to the AUG as of yet.