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FACEIT bans CSGO player for “abhorrent” Ukraine comments as toxicity complaints rise

Published: 13/Apr/2022 17:13

by Jacob Hale


FACEIT have banned a CS:GO player from their service after a clip of them mocking the growing conflict between Ukraine and Russia was posted online — and made clear they’re aware of criticisms regarding toxicity around the subject.

Online multiplayer games have always been a hotbed for toxicity, especially in competitive games where things can get a little heated between both teammates and opponents.

While you can report players, no matter what game it is, you sometimes feel like reports are being lost in the void and will be ignored.

YouTuber MrTweeday took to Twitter to air his complaints after matchmaking with Russian players through FACEIT on CS:GO, and FACEIT were quick to respond and sort the issue.


The Russian player was saying that “I hope all Ukrainians will die,” to which Tweeday was clearly angered by, and felt it went further than regular gaming trash talk.

After the tweet started to pick up some engagement on social media, FACEIT responded to Tweeday to confirm that they had banned the player in question, and that they were aware of the “feedback” that Tweeday and others expressed about this kind of toxicity from players on the platform.

“I’ve given the user a lengthy ban for his truly abhorrent comments made in your game,” they said. “These comments have no place on our platform, or anywhere else in the world. I’ve made the dev team aware of your feedback regarding the platform and hope the rest of your day is more enjoyable.”


Given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, in which hundreds have already died and many more have had to evacuate, FACEIT are clearly looking to ensure that their service makes for a more hospitable environment.

CS:GO is especially popular in Russia, as well as a number of European countries, and with the current geopolitical situation, tensions are inevitable to cross over.

Don’t be surprised to see more bans of a similar nature going forward, especially for disturbing clips such as these.