Ex-CSGO coach zews recovering after suffering heart attack


Wilton ‘zews’ Prado, a former CS:GO coach who won two Majors in 2016, has revealed that he had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

On Twitter, the Brazilian said that he had had to undergo two angioplasty procedures and that exams had shown that there was an obstruction of “90 percent” in a coronary artery.

zews added that he is on the road to making a full recovery. “Hopefully, everything will be OK,” he wrote.

He has since received an outpouring of support from the CS:GO community, with many players, coaches and on-air talent members sending him their best wishes.

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An influential coach

A former player who competed in CS 1.6, CS:Source and CS:GO, zews turned to coaching in 2015 with Games Academy. That team relocated to North America thanks to the Golden Chance, a project led by Gabriel ‘⁠FalleN⁠’ Toledo that was created with the aim of providing opportunities for talented Brazilian players.

Later that year, zews earned his big break as he was picked up by Luminosity, the best Brazilian team at the time, led by FalleN. The team won a number of international titles in 2016, including the MLG Columbus and ESL One Cologne Majors, becoming the second team in CS:GO history to win back-to-back Majors after Fnatic, who had achieved that feat in 2015.

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zews won back-to-back Majors with the LG/SK squad in 2016

After a brief playing stint with Immortals in late 2016, zews returned to coaching, taking over Team Liquid, MIBR and Evil Geniuses in the years that followed.

In an October 2021 interview with Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, zews revealed that he was turning away from coaching to focus on content creation. “If I don’t believe my happiness is there anymore, that’s not where I’m going to be,” he said. “I do believe in my project and that I can use my skillset to do good here [in Brazil].”