Evil Geniuses sign new CSGO coach following daps departure

Bill Cooney
EG daps PGL Major
João Ferreira/Dexerto

Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel will be Evil Geniuses’ new CSGO coach in 2022, after Damian ‘daps’ Steele announced he was leaving the team.

On December 24, daps announced he was stepping away, after not being able to make the changes to the roster he wanted to.

In addition, the org announced maLeK would be the next coach, confirming previous reports.

Evil Geniuses CSGO “dysfunctional” roster

In a Pastebin explaining why he was leaving, daps explained he was unable to make his preferred adjustments to the lineup.

“We reached the off season and EG removes 3 players,” daps wrote. “I proposed a roster with NAF as the center piece, but that fell through for various reasons and I also inform EG at the same time that I do not want to coach anymore after my experience over the last half of the year.”

It has been a massive fall for EG, who were one of the top CSGO teams in the world during 2020. During 2021, the Evil Geniuses CSGO side was unable to make any noteworthy finishes at any of the events they competed in.

“The reality is that it was pretty much impossible to play well in this team with how dysfunctional it was,” daps concluded. “I do hope my friends find their form again, as it was sad to see what this team once was be turned into this.”

maLeK becomes EG CSGO head coach

MaLeK comes to EG after coaching G2 since 2018, and leading that team to a number of wins and first-place tournament finishes. However, it remains to be seen if he’ll be given the power to do what daps wasn’t, and build the roster the way he wants to.

Currently, there are only two players active on the EG roster, so we should see some new signings start happening as we head into 2022.