EG Tarik replaced by MICHU after CSGO star quits active roster

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CSGO star ‘Tarik’ Celik has stepped down from the Evil Geniuses roster and will be replaced by Michał ‘MICHU’ Müller effective immediately.

  • Tarik moves to content creation while “exploring the next steps.”
  • EG MICHU will debut at Funspark ULTI 2020.
  • Tarik has previously joked about switching to Valorant.

Tarik steps down from EG

Tarik, 25, has stepped down from the Evil Geniuses CSGO roster in light of the team’s form. He said he was “unhappy” with EG’s results and is benching himself due to differences in how the team should be run.

“Ultimately, I had a different approach to our issues however the team didn’t agree with my views,” he said. “I respect their decision but came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be apart of a project which I had lost faith in.”

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The former ELEAGUE Boston 2018 Major Champion will now be replaced by MICHU, who once played for teams like Envy, Virtus.Pro, and more.

What’s next for Tarik?

In separate releases, Tarik and EG indicated that the Turkish player would stay under the org for the time being. As a popular content creator in his own right, Tarik will be focusing on his stream while evaluating his next move.

A natural question to have at this point is if Tarik would make the move to Valorant esports. It’s something a lot of CSGO pros have favored, especially with diminishing opportunities in NA or the online era.

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On social media, Tarik has expressed a ton of praise for Riot’s FPS since it launched and even joked about making the switch to Valorant before.

EG called Tarik an “integral part” of the org’s presence in CSGO, which means they could try to keep the American in their corner until a good offer comes around.

Evil Geniuses CSGO roster

Player  Former Team Role
Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte NRG Esports Lurker
Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov NRG Esports AWP
Peter ‘stanislaw’ Jarguz NRG Esports IGL
Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter Complexity Rifler
Michał ‘MICHU’ Müller Team Envy Entry

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