Every CSGO coach implicated in coaching exploit scandal: Live tracker

Hunden and dead side by sideDreamhack / ESL / Valve

Valve has recently announced that they will be issuing punishments to CS:GO teams for abusing a bizarre spectator exploit in-game. Here’s a list of all coaches that could be affected by Valve’s new ruling.

After it was revealed that certain CS:GO coaches were abusing a spectator glitch in competition, Valve announced, on September 9, that they would be cracking down on the behavior.

While the CS:GO devs explained they would start issuing their punishments once they have a clearer picture, tournament organizer ESL has already taken action against three coaches: Ricardo ‘dead’ Sinigaglia, Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen, Aleksandr ‘MechanoGun’ Bogatiryev. With the three receiving bans of different lengths, depending on how much they abused this glitch in-game.

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Numerous other coaches have since come forward, admitting that they have also made use of this glitch, following the efforts from Michal Slowinski & Steve Dudenhoeffer, who have been reviewing old demos to find more instances of this bug being used in competition.

Any teams that have been found using this bug at Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events will have their RMR completely reset, making it much more difficult for them to qualify at the upcoming Majors. However, following the cancelation of ESL One Rio Major 2020, we are yet to see just how much of an impact this could have.

According to a new report from DBLTAP, there could now be “over 15 coaches implicated” in this scandal, although many of them have yet to be publicly revealed.

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Here’s a list of all coaches that have admitted or been caught using this spectator bug in competitions so far.

All CSGO coaches potentially affected

  • Ricardo ‘dead’ Sinigaglia – 6-month ban from ESL events
  • Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen – 12-month ban from ESL events
  • Aleksandr ‘MechanoGun’ Bogatiryev – 24-month ban from ESL events, parted ways with Hard Legion
  • Aset ‘Solaar’ Sembiyev – Admitted to using bug
  • Faruk ‘pita’ Pita – Admitted to using bug
  • Ivan ‘F_1N’ Kochugov – Suspended from Gambit Youngsters
  • Arthur ‘prd’ Resende – Admitted to using bug
  • Peter ‘casle’ Sorensen – Admitted to using bug
  • Allan ‘Rejin’ Petersen – Admitted to using bug
  • Slaava ‘Twista’ Rasanen – Suspended from ENCE

It is worth noting that, while all of these coaches have used the glitch in some capacity, the extent of their exploit abuse is still unclear and may differ greatly. Similarly, more can be added to the list at any time, upon which we will be updating the piece.