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ESL roast ENCE with hilarious ticker memes during IEM CSGO Beijing

Published: 8/Nov/2019 11:39 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 12:11

by Kamil Malinowski


Tournament hosts ESL have been spicing up their IEM Beijing CS:GO tournament with a few hilarious and cheeky text updates throughout the event.

Intel Extreme Masters [IEM] Beijing is one of the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments of the year, with eight teams fighting over a massive $250,000 prize pool and a spot at the new World Championship event in Katowice, Poland.

The matches are incredibly intense and tough competition rages throughout the tournament days, however, hosts ESL have been lightening the mood with some hilarious text updates on their streams. 

ESL/Helena KristianssonIEM’s are some of the biggest CSGO tournaments of the year.

No one really knows who the mastermind behind these jokes is, but they are absolutely hilarious. Some of the best updates come as digs at ENCE, with the news ticker popping up during the downtime just to roast the Finnish team.


Comments like “ENCE: *places 2nd at Major tournament* Also ENCE: let’s kick Aleksib lmao” and “Jks’ role is to click heads, ENCE’s is to lose rounds and mine is to write this text” have been popping up throughout, much to the delight of fans.

ESLESL fire shots at ENCE.
ESLENCE couldn’t catch a break at IEM Beijing.

It’s not all about ENCE or roasting people, however, other silly updates such as “honestly no stats here just wanted to look at his mustache again lol” when the camera pans to Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai occasionally pop up and fans on social media are loving it.

As soon as they popped up on screen, images quickly found their way to Twitter and the Global Offensive subreddit, leaving fans in hysterics.


ESLIt is a very nice mustache.

Things even dipped into some controversy, with ESL calling for the Krieg to be nerfed during a match break, something that is currently a hot topic as many professional players have also made complaints about the gun.

ESLESL chime in on the Krieg debate.

The IEM Beijing action continues until November 10, with just four teams remaining in the playoff bracket.

You can follow the event in our coverage hub, which is constantly kept up to date with the schedule, latest results, and streams.