Dupreeh speaks out after CS:GO crowd helps Astralis in EPL playoffs


CS:GO star Peter ‘dupreeh‘ Rasmussen spoke out after Astralis received criticism for listening to the crowd’s reaction during their match against mousesports in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Playoffs.

The finals of the ESL Pro League are coming to a close, however, there was one moment in the global playoffs that stood out to many CS:GO fans during the semi-finals.

During their clash against the side of mousesports, Astralis received a little bit of help from the Danish crowd of Odense while checking an angle, which sparked a huge debate online over the influence that spectators can have.

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Astralis’ rifler Dupreeh spoke out after his teammates took advantage of the crowd’s indications, which led to them picking up a free kill, and explained that he did not condone anyone who gives away their opposing team’s position before calling them a disgrace.

“Screaming positions or giving up positions verbally is a disgrace. No matter the fan,” He admitted, before claiming he was unsure of what had happened during their game “getting excited about flanks or sneaky plays, is a common LAN factor. I don’t know what happened in the arena specifically though.”

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He then expressed that every player would likely look for something unusual if they were in a similar position and revealed that, although it worked for them this time, the crowd’s interactions were not always beneficial to their match.

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When the crowd goes excited every player in the server looks for flanks or uncleared positions, not a single person on this planet would ignore it and if someone says they will they lie,” the Danish star explained.

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Team Liquid pro Russell ‘Twistzz’ VanDulken also agreed with his fellow competitor, claiming that every player is guilty of using the crowd to their advantage during their tournament matches.

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He also explained that it has been used by pros for quite a while and even classed it a tactic that players use to check angles, “Baiting the crowd has been a LAN tactic for a while as well, it’s just being smart with how you use your environment.”

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Although the clip has caused a lot of controversy among CS:GO fans there seems to be little that tournament organizers can do, as there was also claims that not even soundproof booths can keep the roars of a crowd out in certain cases.