Drunken Twitch streamer saves hilarious CSGO round with miracle sleeping clutch

Brad Norton
Twitch streamer drunk playing CSGOTwitch: davernmvp / Valve

A drunken Twitch streamer woke up at the perfect time in this viral Counter-Strike clip to save the round and keep his team in the fight.

After one too many drinks, up and coming Norwegian streamer ‘davernmvp’ was completely out of sorts. Trying to maintain consciousness while playing CSGO, he could only hold out for so long.

With his head tilted back, the streamer fell fast asleep in the middle of a broadcast. Not only was he live for the world to see, but he happened to be AFK in the midst of another match.

Early into a game on Cache his teammates began to fall one by one. Soon enough, it all came down to the drunken streamer to save the day.

With 45 seconds left in the round, it seemed as though all hope was lost. The streamer was laid back in his chair while his character sat in spawn. There was nothing his teammates could do to wake him from his drunken slumber.

Though a few seconds later and the streamer miraculously came back to life. Seemingly out of nowhere, he regained consciousness at the perfect time and instinctively put his hands back on the mouse and keyboard in front of him.

Walking around the corner, he spotted the last remaining enemy. Despite only having a basic pistol and his opponent being kitted out, the drunken streamer made his shots count in more ways than one.

Davernmvp secured the round win as his team erupted in laughter to celebrate the wild comeback. No one could believe what they’d just witnessed and it didn’t take long before the moment caught fire online.


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More than 130,000 views later and the clip has exploded across Twitch for everyone to see. The now-notorious streamer was in the midst of a unique subathon that saw him drinking for every new subscriber. 24 subs into the broadcast and he was out of commission.

Fortunately for his team, the Norwegian woke back up at the perfect time. There’s no telling if they went on to win the match, but with aim like that while intoxicated, it seems like just about anything is possible.