Dota 2 mod gives players a new way to experience CS:GO

Valve / YouTube: Mocherad

An incredibly talented Counter Strike: Global Offensive fan has recreated the game in Source 2 using a DOTA 2 mod.

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Some of the most influential PC games ever made have been created by mods. Valve in particular has a history of embracing these creations, such as the original Counter Strike being a Half-Life mod.

It seems fitting that Ukranian developer Mark Mocherad has recreated CS:GO using a DOTA mod, finally giving fans what they’ve always wanted by putting the game in Source 2, even if it’s not an FPS.

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The mod is called ‘Polystrike’

The name of the mod is called ‘Polystrike’ – a fitting name given the aesthetic and art style mixed with the classic game. You can find out information for the mod on the official site, which details the features in full.

The developer promises gamers a faithful CS:GO experience in a ‘top-down shooter’, as well as impressively “recreating classic Counter-Strike, game economy, weapons, sounds effects, maps, mods and even more”. Can’t wait to see it? We got you covered.

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YouTube: MocheradA first look at the CS:GO top down shooter.
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Mocherad released alpha footage

Mocherad posted a video on his YouTube account which shows off the alpha footage for the game – it looks absolutely incredible. In the clip, we see a full match play out, and the gameplay looks tight.

If you are a fan of top-down games like Hotline Miami, the frantic gameplay looks like a perfect match. Which makes sense as the developer listed “short game sessions that won’t get you bored” as a feature.

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Even if you prefer the FPS style, there is no denying how great the mod looks. Perhaps its new style will bring in new gamers to the CS:GO world – you never know. 

You can also follow the developer’s Steam Workshop here.

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We will keep you updated on more information on the mod as it comes out. 

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