CSGO veteran NBK- confused over “unfair” MOUZ kick

Stephanie Lindgren/ESL via ESPAT

Nathan ‘NBK-‘ Schmitt did not hide his shock at being removed from MOUZ’s CS:GO team just two months into his contract.

MOUZ announced on March 18 that they had promoted academy player Jon ‘⁠JDC⁠’ de Castro to their main CS:GO squad to replace NBK-, who had been signed by the German organization at the start of the year.

The decision came in the aftermath of a fourth-place finish in ESL Pro League Group A. MOUZ won just two of their five group matches, beating G2 Esports and LookingForOrg, and losing to Entropiq, NIP and Fnatic.

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Stephanie Lindgren/ESL via ESPAT
JDC (left) will take NBK-‘s spot in the starting lineup

In a statement, MOUZ head coach Dennis “sycrone” Nielsen explained that De Castro’s “attitude, positivity and communications will be vital” for the team as they prepare for their next tournament, the PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR A.

This 16-team tournament, scheduled for April 17-20, will have eight spots at the Belgian Major on offer.

NBK- puzzled by decision

NBK- reacted to the news on Twitter, saying: “I have never been so confused about such an unfair and rushed decision.”

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The 27-year-old attended only two events with MOUZ, IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League, averaging a 0.97 HLTV rating. This was his first stint since returning to CS:GO after trying his hand at Valorant in 2021.

A two-time CS:GO Major champion with LDLC and Envy, NBK- now finds himself without a team in the middle of the Major cycle. His removal from MOUZ, he said, will take some time to process.

“I will chill over the next few days to calm down and will start streaming individual practice,” he added.

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