CSGO teases players with hidden message: What does it mean?


CSGO has teased fans with a hidden message on their social media accounts, but does it mean anything?

CSGO players are always keeping an eye out for any news regarding the future of their beloved tactical shooter.

On September 30, fans noticed that CSGO’s Twitter account had changed its banner to have a potential clue regarding the future of the game, with wild theories popping up everywhere about what it could mean.

CSGO cover imageValve Corporation / Hidden Path Entertainment
CSGO was released over ten years ago.

CSGO teases players with hidden messages

CSGO fan Aquarius shared the discovery and said, “Ayo? CSGO changed the profile banner once more and with enough editing there is a hidden sentence on the picture.”

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Under the name ‘Counter-Strike’ the message reads, “It’s a banner. Nothing More. Promise.”

Since then, the CSGO Twitter account has updated the banner to simply read as just Counter-Strike with blue and orange colors.

Other CSGO fans did some digging and noticed that back in June CSGO social media channels used similar language regarding a recent blog post.

As of now, it’s hard to tell if these are all just elaborate jokes or something to be monitored for a larger announcement. It’s possible CSGO could be rebranding to simply ‘Counter-Strike’, or a full shift over to Source 2.

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For now, CSGO fans should take all theories with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed quite yet. Whether it’s a rebrand or a shift over to Source 2, no doubt Counter-Strike fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting more clues on the matter.

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