CSGO streamer trades in expensive skins for flashy $60,000 car

buster csgo streamer driving bmwYouTube: Buster

Russian CS:GO sensation ‘Buster’ has more than his fair share of expensive skins in his inventory. Instead of just using them in game, he managed to trade them up into a flashy new $60,000 BMW, unveiling the new car to millions of fans on YouTube.

CS:GO skins ⁠— and stickers, for that fact ⁠— can go for a fair chunk of change. Some are now worth upwards of six figures, and if you can somehow extract that value from in-game into the real world, you can find yourself on some fat stacks.

The concept of trading up to inventories of this value is well-known. But what about trading up to something out of game? That’s exactly what Russian CS:GO sensation ‘Buster’ did to get a flashy new BMW.

The YouTube and Twitch star ⁠— who has more than 5 million followers on the two platforms combined ⁠— didn’t just cash out the skins to get the money. He made a Steam trade with another user for their BMW.

He put up a number of high value skins, including a Dragon Lore, some rare stickers, and a Sapphire Karambit. It totaled $57,000, but at the end of the transaction he had a BMW in his name.

CS:GO streamer Buster trading skins for BMW carYouTube: Buster
Buster traded approximately $57,000 in skins for the BMW.

Buster’s new ride is slick with full black trim outside of the bronze rims. He put it on the back of a tow truck and took it home, ready for a joy ride or two.

As far as trade-ups go, this is one of the biggest of all-time. While certain skins may pass hands for more amounts of cash, transforming $57,000 worth of cosmetics into a BMW certainly isn’t your typical trade. 

Was it worth it? Given the look on Buster’s face, it probably was.