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CSGO players slam Valve after Trust Factor fix doesn’t stop rampant cheaters

Published: 30/Apr/2021 2:35

by Alan Bernal


CSGO players are slamming Valve for the state of the game, especially after the developer issued a fix to the game’s Trust Factor matchmaking system.

Matchmaking, even in Trusted games, has been rough in CSGO. Queuing in competitive either mismatches people with griefers, toxic players, and that’s not to mention the problem with rampant spinbotters and hackers.

The CSGO player base has been at arms with Valve recently over their lacklustre approach to cheaters, turning a blind eye for the most part.

Valve is looking though, having implemented an undisclosed fix for Trust Factor on April 27. However it hasn’t inspired much confidence in players, with some reporting the same problems persisting with getting constantly matched with cheaters.


“If you’ve had bad matches recently, it may have been because Trust wasn’t working right,” Valve said on the CSGO Twitter account.

“We fixed it yesterday and confirmed that it is now working as intended. Thanks to everyone who provided useful feedback.”

While that should have been a great news, there’s been a mixed reception among people that have seen the worst of CSGO’s matchmaking.

“Trust factor working or not doesn’t change the massive amount of spinbotters/cheaters that are still not banned and ruining matches,” user ‘necromantzer’ said on Reddit.

“Played a cheater 15 [minutes] ago in matchmaking I don’t think it’s fixed,” YouTuber ‘CykaHotFire’ said in response to Valve’s update.


csgo trust factor mode
CSGO players have been reeling at the rise of hackers and cheaters despite VAC, Prime, and Trusted mode.

“The real question is for how long was it off A day? A week? A month?,” user AR771 said. “From my personal experience.. about 6-8 weeks,” another person said in response.

Valve hasn’t been very popular among its CSGO players lately. Recently they got rid of a loophole that let people stream with OBS while Trusted mode was on.

Driven by discontent with the service and its negative side-effects, players started petitioning for Valve to get rid of Trusted Mode altogether.

For reaching the developer’s goals, Trusted Mode has apparently been a big success. But it’s clear CSGO players are hoping for more meaningful changes to the system.