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CS:GO star Ropz reveals how he overcame a family tragedy to go pro

Published: 21/Sep/2018 9:16 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 9:41

by Matt Porter


Professional CounterStrike: Global Offensive player Robin ‘ropz’ Kool has spoken about how he overcame a tragedy in his personal life to fulfil his dream.

Kool was interviewed by FACEIT for a series of player profile videos that they are producing for the London CS:GO Major, taking place between September 5 to 23.

Each video provides an in-depth look at the life and the backstory of a professional CSGO player. Along with the Estonian, FACEIT has produced profiles for MIBR’s Jacky ‘Stewie2K’ Yip and G2 Esports player Richard ‘shox’ Papillon.

In the video, ropz and his family speak about how difficult it is to balance both his schoolwork and his professional career, and his headmaster remarks at how impressive it is that he continues to perform at a high level in both fields.

However, the 18 year old also took time to speak about a personal tragedy that affected his life immensely, the death of his father. Kool’s father owned large farms in Estonia, but a downturn in business saw the family lose their home to bankruptcy, and shortly after this, Kool’s father sadly took his own life.

Ropz stated that if he could go back in time and speak to his father, he would tell him: “I could earn so much money playing CS, and to just wait. Things will work out.” 

Kool’s mother, Gea, is clearly proud of her son, and spoke about her joy at his success after an undoubtedly difficult time, saying; “He has found his way, he has found his work and hobby in this game, his way of life.”

Unfortunately for ropz, his journey at the FACEIT London Major ended in the New Legends Stage, when mousesports were eliminated by FaZe Clan.


Ex-100 Thieves CSGO roster joins new org with BnTeT

Published: 24/Jan/2021 13:35 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 19:46

by Calum Patterson


Four of the former 100 Thieves roster, their coach Kassad, and former Gen.G player BnTeT have joined EXTREMUM.

  • Ex-100T core join Extremum
  • BnTeT joins from Gen.G
  • Kassad joins from Cloud9’s Colossus

100 Thieves exited CS:GO in late 2020, as much of the North American scene petered out, and LAN events were canceled.

This left their talented roster, still full of potential, without an org. Justin ‘jks’ Savage joined compLexity, but the future for the rest of the ANZ lineup was unclear.

On January 24, Extremum revealed their new lineup, which also included Indonesian player Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand, formerly of Gen.G and TyLoo, long regarded as one of the best Asian players.

Where will EXTREMUM play?

Kassad also rejoins his old teammates as coach. He had coached the core of this roster on both Renegades and 100 Thieves, before leaving for a stint with Cloud9.

Extremum will now work towards qualifying for the PGL Stockholm major, as well as competing in tournaments in Europe. HLTV reports they will travel to North America to compete in specific RMR (Regional Major Ranking) tournaments to earn their Major spot.


Player Former team Role
Aaron ‘AZR⁠’ Ward 100 Thieves IGL / Rifler
Sean ‘Gratisfaction⁠’ Kaiwai 100 Thieves AWPer
Jay ‘Liazz⁠’ Tregillgas 100 Thieves Rifler (Support)
Joakim ‘⁠jkaem⁠’ Myrbostad Apeks Rifler (Entry)
Hansel ‘BnTeT⁠’ Ferdinand 100 Thieves Rifler
Aleksandar ‘⁠kassad⁠’ Trifunović Cloud9.Colossus Coach
Nestor ‘LETN1⁠’ Tanić c0ntact Gaming Analyst