CSGO pro Friberg explains why NiP CEO hate ‘is unjustified’

. 3 years ago
Twitter: FribergCS / ChahineHicham

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Adam ‘friberg’ Friberg became the latest ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas player to give his opinion about the organization after it was accused of player mistreatment.

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Friberg is a veteran Counter-Strike player who rose to fame with the legendary NiP squad that dominated the early days of CS:GO. He left the organization in 2017 and still plays at a high level, representing Heroic.

NiP was accused of player mistreatment in July 2019 by ex-player Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson, and has since been a point of controversy in the CS:GO scene. Other professional players also accused the organization and an investigation was launched in August.

Friberg played a key role in NiP’s CS:GO squad.
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After a period of silence from other NiP members, Friberg has come out to share his experience with the Swedish company. The ex-NiP player spoke about his experience with the team during a stream on September 4, giving fans a small rundown of how things went over the years.

He spoke in-depth about current CEO Hicham Chahine, telling his viewers: “When Hacham took over in 2016, NiP got a lot better. I don’t think the hate he’s getting is justified.”

“But then he found a loophole in my contract that meant he didn’t have to pay my prize winnings, and that hurt a lot” added Friberg. 

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The player was hurt by Hicham’s actions but made it clear to viewers that even with that, it was better than before. He recalled 2014-2015 as the worst period, claiming “management wise and everything else, it was awful.”

Friberg then gave an example, saying that the management at the time used his brand for a “king of banana ice cream promotion” which he “didn’t see a penny from” and felt that they had ripped him off.

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Later in the stream, the Swedish player gave his overall opinion of the organization, stating that “NiP wouldn’t be where they are without me and the rest of the CS:GO team. We built NiP to what it is today… and it felt like they didn’t care about me or what I had done for NiP at all. It felt like a huge punch in the stomach.”

He finished off by saying he had moved past it and that’s the reason he wasn’t keen to share his story. “I was young, I didn’t sign good contracts. It sucks, but I have to move on” said friberg, and he advised his fans to always pay attention to contracts.

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