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CSGO players outraged as Valve ignores Trusted Mode problems

Published: 23/Apr/2021 6:11 Updated: 23/Apr/2021 6:21

by Andrew Amos


Nearly 12 months after Trusted Mode in CS:GO, players are still having trouble with the problematic system. It comes after Valve closed down a “loophole” that allowed streamers to launch OBS and play ⁠— one of the programs now blocked by Trusted Mode.

Trusted Mode was added to CS:GO back in July 2020 in a major crackdown on cheaters. The system forced players using third-party programs in the background while playing CS:GO to either close them, or get blocked from playing in official servers.

However, the system has been flawed since Day 1. It took less than 24 hours for hackers to get a workaround, while legitimate players using even the most mundane software couldn’t launch CS:GO without problems.


Now, the community has had enough. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Valve patching out a useful loophole that permitted streamers to use OBS and play CS:GO without issues.

CSGO Trusted Mode
CS:GO’s Trusted Mode has been problematic since it launched.

Valve response to CS:GO Trusted Mode “loophole” angers players

Reddit user ‘LuaStoned’ created an OBS plugin that allowed players to capture CS:GO with Trusted Mode enabled. Streamers have been unable to stream CS:GO with OBS since Trusted Mode launched without encountering major performance issues.

Hours after the plugin went viral, developer John McDonald closed it down, threatening players with VAC bans if they tried to use it.

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“I highly recommend against using this, or any other Trusted Mode injection bypass. Using any method to bypass Trusted Mode protections that result in third party code being injected into CS:GO can and will catch you a VAC ban, which absolutely will not be rescinded,” he stated.


The suggested solution was to use a launch option to allow third party software, which automatically disables Trusted Mode and forces players into low-priority queues.

Players petition to remove CS:GO’s Trusted Mode

The dismissive reply infuriated the community. After months of issues, and CS:GO’s cheating problem getting worse, players just want Valve to remove Trusted Mode.

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‘We get zero communication. Matchmaking is completely f**ked and overrun with hackers. Overwatch seems to not be working, [Trust Factor] seems to not exist anymore. We get nothing. Hackers literally spinbot in matches for months,” one player said on Reddit.

CSGO wallhack cheat
Players claim cheating in CS:GO is at an all-time high with Valve’s inaction.

“Please just backtrack and remove it from the game. It does nothing to prevent actual cheaters since they all bypass it without issues. It’s such a joke,” another added.


Valve doesn’t seem willing to take action on Trusted Mode just yet, but as community outrage hits fever pitch, their hand might be forced.