CSGO players have already spent an eight-figure fortune on new Anubis skin collection


CSGO players have already spent a whopping $11 million on the new Anubis skin collection, mere days after the new batch of cosmetics went live.

The relationship between CSGO and its skins is baked into one another. CSGO was largely the pioneer of in-game loot boxes and cosmetics, and its skins in turn helped popularize the game. Eventually, as we now know, morphing into an entire in-game economy of its own. 

Thus, it is not surprising that CSGO players spend a lot of money on opening fresh skins, even to the tune of $54 million a month as skin trader and YouTuber Anomaly calculated. 

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And now, with the release of what might be the last skins for the game before Counter-Strike 2’s release, the Anubis Skin Collection, players have already spent a wild sum in just a few days.

The Anubis skin collection was a surprise dropp on April 25 in a new update, and in just a few days players have already made Valve a lot of money. 

Skin trader and YouTuber TDM_Heyzeus decided to crunch the numbers, and he concluded players have collectively spent at least $11 million on the new collection already. 

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Using an equation created by Reddit user Fjedik to calculate total cases opened from just the number of skins in inventories, TDM_Heyzeus took the numbers from float.db and found there have been 5.5 million Anubis collections unboxed. 

“Using the float.db database and some quick (corrected) maths reveal that the community has already opened up at least 5.5 million Anubis cases” he wrote in the tweet. “That’s $11 million dollars of revenue (at least) for Valve.” 

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These are, as he points out, just a low minimum estimate. As float.db can only include skins that are in publicly viewable inventories.

Meaning, the $11 million figure is just from cases that were already opened in public inventories. Not counting potential skin investors stocking up on hundreds of cases of the collection or private users. Thus, the overall sum is sure to be even greater. All this in just a few days.

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