CSGO players creeped out by new easter egg on Cache

by Alan Bernal


A newly discovered easter egg in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is pretty creepy and players who notice it on Cache won’t be able to unhear it.

Cache got a massive update on October 2019 that changed how players approach the classic map. Along with many updates to its build, the devs added in a variety of easter eggs not previously seen on there.

It seems like Valve implemented an audio file that triggers when players go into the Sunroom and stand as close as they can to the chain-link fence across the playground that sits out of the map’s bounds.

Facing the playground at Sunroom activates the eery audio file in CSGO.


“When you go into Sunroom and look toward the playground on the new Cache an audio file will play,” Reddit user ‘OwangeSquid’ explained. “When pitched down five octaves it turns out it is children's laughter. Kind of ominous but cool nonetheless.”

It’s not a difficult easter egg to activate, but people might not have noticed the sound queue because of the louder bird chirps in the area that masks the audio of the ghostly children at play.

In fact, that’s what OwangeSquid thought too when they initially heard the playground’s audio file – that is until their friend did a little more digging.



“When I initially realized what I was hearing it kinda freaked me out,” user ‘Hado-’ explained after finding the easter egg. “This kinda makes me a little interested in some easter egg hunting on other maps now that I've found this.”

The audio gets even creepier after realizing the official map description for Cache reveals that players are fighting to secure “a hidden weapons cache beneath Chernobyl.”

Disease and direct radioactive contaminants of the infamous Chernobyl disaster of 1986 resulted in thousands of lives lost with the surrounding areas abandoned, including the many playgrounds, residential housing, and facilities.

(Warning: Loud audio)


This isn’t the first time Valve sneaks in creepy audio for a derelict playground either. In Half-Life 2, players walking through the playground can hear children screaming and laughing even though everything nearby is similarly rusted and abandoned.

But the easter egg in CSGO is a bit out of the norm for the company’s multiplayer FPS since it takes a more grounded approach to its design.

Hopefully, the sounds of Cache’s ghost children don’t distract you from the game when maneuvering through Sunroom near the abandoned playground.