How to complete CSGO Operation Broken Fang Week 7 missions

Nuke in CS:GOValve

A new week means new missions for CS:GO players in Operation Broken Fang. With 11 stars on offer, you best get cracking if you want to hit that Diamond coin.

The halfway point of Operation Broken Fang is almost upon us. The expansion was an early Christmas present for CS:GO players with a host of new content, most of which can be accessible through these missions.

These events are meant to give players a chance to test out new content, as well as play around a few modes they might not otherwise. Week 7 is definitely going to have some players excited ⁠— especially if you’re a fan of Nuke and running around with SMGs.

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CSGO Operation Broken Fang Week 6Valve
Want that Diamond coin? Time to dust off the SMGs this week in CS:GO.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 7 missions

The seventh week of missions in Broken Fang revolve around those two things ⁠— the map Nuke, and SMGs. Three of the four missions can be completed on Nuke across Competitive, Guardian, and Deathmatch modes.

The other one, you’ll need to hop into Arms Race and dash around with SMGs once you work your way up to them to get kills. They’re pretty straight forward missions, and should only take you a couple of games in either mode to complete.

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  • No Plan Survives First Contact: Win rounds in Competitive: Nuke
    • 7 rounds: 1 star
    • 15 rounds: 2 stars
    • 20 rounds: 3 stars
  • When In Doubt, Use More Bullets: Get 20 SMG kills in Guardian: Nuke. 2 stars.
  • Keep Your Friends Close…: Get SMG kills in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta
    • 20 kills: 1 star
    • 40 kills: 2 stars
    • 60 kills: 3 stars
  • ...And Your Enemies Closer: Get SMG kills in Arms Race.
    • 4 kills: 1 star
    • 8 kills: 2 stars
    • 12 kills: 3 stars

With 11 stars on total, you can get ever closer to that elusive Diamond coin. Better yet, you can cash them in for some in-game rewards like agent and weapon skins.

While there’s no timer on these missions, you’ll want to get them done before the weekly refresh on January 19. Given you can only earn 10 stars a week towards your Diamond coin, getting them done on time will make sure you can have that in your inventory by Week 10.

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