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CSGO March 26 patch might have solved in-game stuttering issues

Published: 27/Mar/2020 3:20

by Andrew Amos


A patch to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta client on March 26 might have finally fixed major stuttering issues within the game, with changes to be shipped live later.

CS:GO has been plagued by performance issues over the last month, with players reporting major stuttering starting on March 4. In a game that requires pin-point accuracy, having your character viewmodel jump around is far from good.

While Valve acknowledged the issues back then, it’s taken a little while to discover a fully-fledged fix. However, one might be on the way sooner rather than later, with the CS:GO developers pushing some changes to public testing.


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A March 26 pre-release update included a patch to the stuttering issue for certain users, specifically those who use NVIDIA graphics cards.

“We’ve shipped a beta depot for NVIDIA users to address recent stuttering,” the developers said on Twitter. However, they are yet to address whether the fix will resolve all stuttering issues, and when a solution for AMD users will be coming.

To see if the fix works for you, you’ll have to download the “nvidia_stutter_fix -” beta client and play around. Some players should notice a difference almost immediately, although the fix might not work for others.


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CS:GO developer John McDonald added that they are “very confident” these will solve the issues in the long term, but a wider solution for all players will take some time.

“We are very confident that this addresses the stuttering behavior that NVIDIA users have been experiencing,” he said on Reddit. “They have been experiencing stutters up to 100 ms in some instances, which makes the game feel terrible.”

“The problem is that we have all been working from home for the last month, and it turns out we don’t have a particularly wide variety of hardware in our home machines so we wanted to make sure that we didn’t break people on some of the hardware we don’t currently have access to.”



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While the change hasn’t been shipped to live servers yet, players won’t need to wait long. The beta depot patches usually go live a few days before regular patches, so players can expect to see changes shipped to live on the weekend or just after.