CSGO legend KRIMZ reveals serious hand injury stopping him from playing

Krimz posting in Fnatic shirtFnatic/ESL

Counter-Strike legend Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson has revealed that he’ll be set for a stint on the sidelines due to a hand injury he’s been playing with for quite some time. 

With the IEM Rio Major behind them, Counter-Strike teams can start looking forward to the new year and begin plotting their path to next year’s Blast Paris Major. 

Before 2022 comes to an end, there are two standout events left on the calendar – BLAST Premier Fall Finals and Elisa Masters Espoo 2022. The latter brings together the likes of Astralis, ENCE, Fnatic, and GamerLegion, but not all of the big names will be there. 

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Following their 5-8th place finish in Rio, Fnatic will be without KRIMZ for the $200,000 LAN in Espoo, Finland, as he’s dealing with a hand injury. 

CS:GO star KRIMZ reveals hand injury that has sidelined him

The legendary Swedish rifler revealed that he needs time away from the server on November 16, detailing a painful nerve injury in a short Twitter video. 

“I have a hand injury, which I’ve had since two days after the RMR qualification,” KRIMZ said. “Before this Major, I didn’t practice or anything with the team sadly, but it was my own choice to keep on playing at the Major. 

“It’s basically a nerve in the middle of the hand, it’s getting pinched by the muscle, so the muscle doesn’t repair itself,” he added. “I might see you next year. I hope everything goes ok with the rehab of the hand, thank you for the support.”

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The 28-year-noted that he hopes to be “back in the server ASAP” but there is no timeline on his potential return. 

Fnatic will have Peppe ‘Peppzor’ Borak as a stand-in for the Elisa Masters Espoo event and likely beyond that as well, seeing as the young rifler was scheduled to stand-in for KRIMZ if he couldn’t play in Rio.