G2 Esports CSGO coach explains bomb defuse fail at Berlin Major

by Michael Gwilliam


CS:GO G2 Esports coach Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel provided a hilarious excuse as to why his team didn’t defuse the bomb in their StarLadder Berlin best-of-one match against Astralis on August 29.

As we reported, G2 pretty much gifted their opponents a victory in their Nuke matchup. Even after they were able to kill each member of Astralis, the bomb still went off.

The failure was so epic, even G2’s CEO and founder, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez chimed in by parodying compLexity owner Jason Lake.


“I love our players but not defusing the bomb won't be tolerated,” he joked. “If you're a Tier 1 player looking for a fresh start at the best facility in the world, HMU. I'll pay your buyout and give you the world's best salaries and defuse kits.”

Now, G2’s coach has revealed what was going on to lead to such a brutal mistake.

Interviewer Sue 'Smix' Lee asked maLeK what was going on with that “defuse situation or lack of a defuse”.

“I heard that you cannot find it on G2/shop,” the coach replied, joking plugging his team’s store.


“It happens. It’s an exotic,” the French 33-year-old added, explaining how the team’s communication wasn’t so good.

Clearly for no one to defuse the bomb, the team was lacking both awareness and proper comms. How else could such a thing ever happen? Well, as the coach continued, he explained.

G2 forgot to defuse the bomb against Astralis.

“We were like in the middle of a dark place. Not communicating well. Not applying the game plan as according. And all those things and I don’t know, you just, I don’t know,” he shrugged. “We were just not so focused for some reason, having many things in our minds probably. Nothing else to say actually.”


G2 Esports currently sits at 2-1 while ENCE and NRG sit atop of the rankings at 3-0. The team managed to come back from their embarrassing loss to Astralis with a 16-4 win against MiBR. Their next match is against AVANGAR on August 31.

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