CS:GO: Fifflaren slams NiP CEO and HeatoN as “liars, cheaters, and crooks”

Kamil Malinowski
L: Twitter @Fifflaren / R: Esports Hall of Fame

Ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas player Robin ‘Fifflaren’ Johansson has hit out at former NiP player Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen in a series of tweets, claiming he is a “liar, cheater and crook”, alongside CEO Hicham Chahine.

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Fifflaren is a former Counter-Strike pro that played under NiP for most of his career, but on July 24, the Swede accused NiP of player mistreatment, including missing prize money, unfair contract clauses, and more.

On August 17, the Fifflarne returned with more accusations, this time targeted at HeatoN, a Counter-Strike veteran and once manager at the organization.

YouTube: FifflarenFifflaren played a key part in Ninjas in Pyjamas early CS:GO days.
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“We thought you were different… @Real_HeatoN, but you and @ChahnineHicham are just the same. Liars, cheaters and crooks,” said Robin at the start of a long series of tweets, where he accused Emil of lying and mistreating the organisation’s finances.

He claimed that HeatoN used the player’s prize money to pay for his lawyer, as well as hire his girlfriend, paying her “20,000 kr a month when the players were scrambling, earning 10,500 kr to 14,500 kr a month (Swedish Krona).”

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The Swede went on to accuse Emil of “lying in court” about having access to bank accounts, as well as transferring the organization’s money into new accounts.

Finally, Robin added some proof to back up his statements, attaching two photos of emails that show HeatoN attempting to get out of paying taxes and considering withholding the players’ sticker money.

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“It’s important that we hold back the sticker money and make that part of the new contracts” wrote Emil. Meanwhile, the other email calls the players “cocky” for trying to negotiate new contracts.

Neither NiP nor HeatoN have responded to Fifflarens latest accusations.