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CS:GO: MiBR crash out of StarSeries as terrible LAN record continues

Published: 2/Apr/2019 10:40 Updated: 2/Apr/2019 12:51

by Calum Patterson


MiBR’s CS:GO team have crashed out of StarSeries i-League Season 7, extending their poor run of form to one match win in their last eleven matches.

Since moving back to an all Brazilian roster, reuniting the former Luminosity and SK Gaming line-up which was previously so dominant, the team has performed well below expectations.

A 3rd-4th finish at IEM Katowice 2019 was a promising start, but was followed by a 5-8th at the WESG World Finals and a last-place finish at Blast Pro Series in front of a home crowd in São Paulo, where they failed to win a match.

MiBRMiBR’s all-Brazilian lineup brought back a legendary roster, but has failed to meet expectations.

They bounced back with a win over Panda at StarSeries i-League Season 7, but since facing tougher opposition, lost to Renegades, NRG and finally, North, to solidify their exit in 12-14th.

After the loss to North, fer seemed to confirm his previous assertion that he would leave the team after the event was not, in fact, an April Fool’s joke as many believed.

“As I said, this was my last tournament with the guys. Will make a post soon explaining. May God bless and protect us!”

Shortly after however, he revealed that he was up to his old tricks again, and despite the roster’s struggles, would be staying with MiBR for the upcoming Blast Pro Series Miami.

“This was the last tournament I played with the guys… before we travel to the next. In Blast Pro Series Miami. See you there.”

Following their elimination, other members also posted on social media, accepting responsibility for their poor performances, with leader Gabriel ‘FalleN‘ Toledo explaining that there are “several things going on”.

“Ggwp North, several things going on, teams playing better than us, individually far below our potential, many consecutive tournaments. All these problems are unique and exclusive to us and our choices. That’s why we’ll get out of this.”

Epitácio ‘TACO‘ de Melo, who rejoined the roster from Team Liquid in February, said the team must ‘work double’ to reinvent their game plan.

“Now it’s time to rest our minds a little, identify problems, work double to reinvent ourselves in-game and regain confidence. I believe we can get there. We did not forget how to play CS.”

What’s next for MiBR?

Next up for the team is a trip to the East Coast of the United States, for Blast Pro Series Miami, where they will first match up against Na’Vi on April 12 – a team they have not faced since forming the new line-up.

With under two weeks until the tournament, however, there is little time for them to lick their wounds, as the team will know they need a drastic turnaround.

Update: This article was updated to confirm that fer’s departure post was an elaborate April fool’s joke.


How CSGO caster Anders dealt with mental health issues I The Richard Lewis interview

Published: 27/Oct/2020 1:25

by Alan Bernal


Renowned Counter-Strike caster, Anders Blume, sat down with Richard Lewis to talk about his bout with mental health issues and how he was able to cope with it all throughout the years.

Blume has been the gold-standard for on-air talent in esports. Whether it’s the amount of events he attends or the game’s he casts, his career has been a great example for others who want to follow.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come without its hardships. Whether it was personal matters at home or a packed schedule of responsibilities, Blume was hit with a flurry of stresses that seemed to pile on at times.

This is something that Blume and Lewis recognized affects everyone, but something many don’t talk about – or even admit to themselves.

On the job, there are some times when people can invest too much of themselves into the craft, which can start to have adverse effects on their health. Outside of the job, influences from social media or the internet just adds to the mess if you let it consume you.

While there aren’t glamorous or catchy solutions to these issues, Blume found respite in everything from diet, exercise, and even meditation to start dealing with the issue head-on.

Self-control in practicing good habits and having the mental strength to cast aside negativity doesn’t come easy for all people, but it could be something everyone can work on.

Through years of practice, Blume eventually found a routine that works for him even when life gets thick, and is hoping more people can find a way to do the same for themselves.