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CSGO Feb 11 update brings new punishments for chat abuse – patch notes

Published: 12/Feb/2020 15:42

by Joe O'Brien


The latest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on February 11 brings in new measures to deal with players who abuse the in-game communication systems.

Valve recently announced that they would be taking measures to more effectively target those who are abusing communication in CS:GO, and it seems these measures are now being rolled out.

Following the update, those who receive significantly more reports for communication abuse than average will receive a warning. If they continue to be reported after this warning, they’ll be automatically muted by default when they join games – although teammates can still chose to unmute them. Those who are automatically muted will have to work off the punishment by earning XP.

Valve is also adjusting the mute function so that it’s more thorough. In addition to voice and in-game chat being muted, players who are muted will also have their name and avatar hidden, effectively hiding any identifying features of the player in the game.

Dignitas / Valve
For the system to work, players must still use the in-game report function for abusive voice chat.

In addition, the update also makes it so that reporting someone for abusive communication will automatically mute the player being reported, saving you an extra step if you come across someone abusing the chat.

As well as the changes to communication, the patch fixes the Ballistic Shield so that it blocks all melee attacks, and includes a visual update for the Mac 10 ‘Classic Crate’ skin.

The full patch notes for the February 11 update can be read below.

CS:GO February 11 patch notes

– Players who receive significantly more communication abuse reports than others will receive a warning. If they continue to receive significantly more reports they will be muted by default. Other players can unmute them through the scoreboard as usual.
– Muting a player will now also hide their name and avatar.
– Reporting a player for abusive communications will now automatically mute them.

[ MISC ]
– Ballistic Shield will now block all melee attacks (knife, axe, fists, etc.)
– Texture and normal updates to the MAC-10 | Classic Crate to match new MAC-10 UV from Kai123


Valve lifts Fnatic star KRIMZ’s mysterious CSGO VAC ban

Published: 1/Dec/2020 3:21 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 6:46

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Valve has lifted the VAC ban on CSGO legend KRIMZ, and although fans think it was probably due to a matchmaking tool, the reasons are still unknown.

The CSGO community stood still on November 28 after Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson announced he had been VAC banned. Valve never specified why, which made the situation a bit of a mystery.

“It seems that my account got vac banned,” he said. “CSGO can you fix this asap pls.” It sounded like he was probably more confused than anyone else and was adamant he’d done nothing wrong.

CSGO fans think he might have been banned for using a third-party tool named esportal to find matches. However, there has been no official word to support it.

FNATIC coach Andreas “Samuelsson” Samuelsson issued a statement not long after. “We have reached out to Valve, TOs, and third-party community websites… to understand the nature of this unexpected shutdown,” he said. “We have no reason to believe this is the consequence of any intentional use of any illegal program.”

Either way, it didn’t take Valve long to rectify the issue. They’ve already lifted the ban, and it’s been a huge relief to CSGO players and FNATIC fans around the world.

The first one to spill the beans was ‘DonHaci.’ “Krimz has been unbanned,” he said. “His VAC ban has been removed from his Steam page.

KRIMZ’s Steam profile isn’t private, which means anyone can take a look and see for themselves. His fans have been pouring in and leaving comments to celebrate and share their relief.

Still, nobody is more excited than the man himself. KRIMZ made a brief statement on Twitter and expressed his gratitude for having it fixed. “I’m free [motherf**ers], he said. “Thank you CSGO for sorting it out quickly.”

Interestingly, Valve still hasn’t explained why they banned KRIMMZ in the first place. KRIMMZ hasn’t elaborated on it either.

In the end, though, the key takeaway is that it appears to have been a mistake. The CSGO community is thrilled to have its favorite son back.