CS:GO: FaZe Clan’s Failed Era by Thorin

The formation of the FaZe Clan superteam featuring Guardian, Karrigan, Rain, NiKo and Olofmeister once looked set to dominate the CS:GO landscape, however despite a few notable wins, it never quite materialised as many had expected.

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Esports historian and journalist, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, has worked in conjunction with the team at Dexerto to release a documentary to cover the failings of what many predicted to be the next CS:GO dynasty.

The journey starts with the formation of the multi-million dollar team, featuring five of the best players in the world, in an era where flashy plays and individual performances could trump cold hard tactics.

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We follow FaZe’s journey from the initial success to Major disappointment, all the way through to Karrigan’s eventual exit from the squad.

This is the first of a number of planned documentaries scripted and narrated by Thorin, covering a wide range of subjects from CS:GO through to League of Legends and Overwatch.