FalleN to Team Liquid? First to 16 CSGO with Richard Lewis & OnFireVince

First to 16 and OnFireVince
1 guest and 5 topics all within 16 minutes. Richard Lewis welcomes Vince ‘OnFireVince’ Hill to Episode 3 of First To 16 — your go-to CS:GO show with a twist.

In this week’s show, we’re discussing everything from Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken’s upcoming future away from Team Liquid, and whether Brazilian Counter-Strike sensation Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo will be replacing him. Cloud9’s kassad has also revealed that they’re parting ways after just a few short months, and what it means for the future of CSGO’s landscape.

While FalleN coming in and replacing Twistzz effectively kills two birds with one stone, Hill stated that “there’s another element to it: he’s not playing with a Brazilian team anymore. This is a completely different ball game for him, and maybe with the way that MIBR kind of went out with a bit of whimper rather than a bang, he has a point to prove, maybe he has that hunger, he wants to come out all guns blazing here.”

Cloud9 parting ways with kassad showcased that he’s unwilling to settle for anything that doesn’t feel right; with the star previously leaving 100 Thieves after only just a few months before moving to Cloud9. Going forward, 2021 is sure to shake things up for the player as he finds his footing into a new landscape of the competitive scene.

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