CSGO new Revolution Case, Denzel Curry collab, and sticker capsule released

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Valve just dropped a surprise CSGO update on February 9, releasing a new collab with Denzel Curry, while also adding a new skin case and a sticker capsule. 

The last CSGO case to release was the Recoil case back in July, and the last music kit was in September to celebrate the 5th anniversary of CSGO being released in China. 

And now Valve is back with a new case, sticker capsule, and another high-profile music kit collab with Denzel Curry. CSGO is no stranger to collaborations with big-name artists for their music kits, as names such as bbno$ and AWOLNATION have been gracing the ears of players for a long time.

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For those out of the loop, music kits are an in-game item a player can purchase to change the music in CS. This includes the music heard in the Main Menu, Round Start and End, and Death Camera.

Valve has traditionally not only used Music Kits as a form of promotion for the artists, but to also acknowledge inside jokes and the community’s favorite songs. Such as when EZ4ENCE by The Vekkars, a song celebrating Ence’s performance in Katowice 2019, was added as a nod of approval. 

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And one of the Denzel Curry songs added, Ultimate, has had its time in the meme spotlight, so it’s only fitting in the game. 

In addition to the new music kit, players have received a new case in the form of the Revolution case.

As per usual with these cases, it includes 17 weapon skins made by community artists, with a rare chance to get a knife or glove. This time, the Revolution case will drop gloves. 

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Every new case has an aesthetic it generally follows, and the new case seems to be inspired by the aesthetics of cyberpunk and anime. With its bright neon colors, futuristic designs, and anime stylings. 

And included in the update is a new sticker capsule, the Espionage Sticker Capsule. And as per usual, the capsule includes 21 stickers, all made by community artists.

Stickers in CSGO is generally more tongue-in-cheek than other cosmetic items available. As community artists are allowed to make references to memes, inside jokes, and even poke fun at Valve. Thus, Espionage is no different with references to Jojo Bizzare Adventure, Adventure Time, and MLG compilations to name a few.

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