CSGO community calls on ESL to change IEM Rio Major venue as tickets sell out

FalleN hugs boltz after win at CSGO Major before the IEM Rio Major was announcedStefan Petrescu/PGL

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stars are calling on ESL to change the IEM Rio Major venue from Jeunesse Arena to a bigger stadium after quickly selling out of tickets for the event.

The arena for the next CS:GO Major came under some scrutiny after fans crashed the website where tickets were sold. Tickets went on sale at 1 p.m. EST on May 25 and were sold out a mere hour after.

Prominent Brazilian CS:GO voices like Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo have tweeted that the tournament should be played in a football stadium instead, with some pointing toward Maracanã Stadium, the largest sporting venue the region.

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Brazil has yet to host a CS:GO Major in the esport’s history as the tournament scheduled to be held in Rio in 2020 was canceled due to the global health crisis.

Other CS:GO teams and players are also requesting the ESL to change the venue as #MajorNoMaracana trends on Twitter in Brazil.

Fans that purchased tickets for the cancelled event in 2020 and held on to them can still use them for the upcoming tournament in Rio, so seats are even more scarce.

Jeunesse Arena has room for more than 15,000 people during sporting events and over 18,000 for concerts, according to its website, while Maracanã Stadium boasts almost four-times the capacity at 80,000 seats.

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IEM Rio Major compared to PGL Major Antwerp

Brazilian fans cheer on their team at the PGL MajorJoão Ferreira/PGL
Brazilian fans have traveled the world to cheer on their teams.

Compared to the recent PGL Major Antwerp, the upcoming tournament in Brazil has less seating available. The tournament that saw FaZe Clan take the trophy was held in Antwerps Sportpaleis which has a maximum capacity of 23,359.

Brazil has one of the most dedicate fan bases in the scene and has seen home-bred rosters lift trophies in some of the biggest tournaments in CS:GO history. But the region has never seen a Major at home.

ESL has yet to respond to the demands of a venue change from fans and CSGO pros alike.