CS:GO Caster Sadokist Set To Return For ECS Season 5 Finals Following Racial Slur Incident


One of the most high profile esports casters, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett has announced his return to commentary after a lengthy break.

Sadokist made the decision to step away from CS:GO casting after he was heard using a racial slur when intoxicated on live stream.

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Many in the community recognized that it was out of character for the fan favorite caster, and welcomed his decision to take time off to reflect.

Sadokist had in fact hinted at possibly leaving the Counter-Strike and esports community as a profession entirely, but many fans will be pleased to hear he has decided to return.

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Of course there were others who were less sympathetic about his transgression, but on the whole his return to casting has been recieved positively.

He was announced as part of the talent lineup for the ECS Season 5 finals, which will take place on the weekend of June 8 – 10th.

It is unknown if Sadokist will be involved in any other events prior to the ECS finals.

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Sadokist himself hasn’t said much about his return to casting, simply tweeting out a waving emoji to his followers.

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Fellow CS:GO Caster James “JZFB” Bardolph has in fact taken credit for bringing Sadokist back on board, responding to an esports attorney unhappy with the decision.

It is unclear if Bardolph is being sincere or not in this claim, but the CS:GO talent pool is known to be a close knit group of friends, happy to stick up for each other.

The ECS Season 5 finals will take place in London on June 8 – 10th, where you will be able to catch Sadokist back where he belongs.

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