CSGO April 25 update adds Anubis Collection skins, map changes to Danger Zone, more


CSGO’s April 25 update has just dropped, adding the long-awaited skin collection for Anubis, teasing cryptic map changes, and more. 

CSGO is seeing an all-time high in interest, thanks to the announcement of Counter-Strike 2. The decade-old game has recently seen peak player counts, renewed interest in the esports scene, and of course new eyes on its skins market. 

And with a new patch, Valve has announced a whole new skin collection for Anubis, almost half a year after it had been added to the Active Duty Pool, taking Dust 2’s place. In addition comes a rare update to Danger Zone as well.

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So here is all you need to know about the April 25 update in CSGO.

CSGO adds new skin collection for Anubis

It has been almost half a year since November 2022, when Valve made the divisive decision to change out Dust 2 for Anubis in the Active Duty Pool.

But crucially, for the skin lovers out there, it left a lack of a skin collection for the newly added map. And it seems Valve is releasing the new Anubis Skin Collection ahead of the 2023 Paris Major for the sweet drops you can get.

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The Anubis skin collection features 19 new additions, featuring creations from both the community and the devs. All with the theme around Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god. 

Here is a slideshow of some of the new skins:

CSGO gives a rare update to Danger Zone

Danger Zone is a side of CSGO that most players have most likely forgotten. The game mode was Valve’s response in 2018 to the rise of the battle royale genre, creating a battle royale game with the mechanics of CSGO. 

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Ember, one of the Danger Zone maps, is finally getting a rare update

It was, as many players have pointed out, an odd addition to the game even when it first came out. But it still has its fans, in particular one CSGO commentator SpunJ

And Danger Zone fans will be glad to learn that Valve has not entirely forgotten about the game mode, with some new changes to the map. 

Valve has increased the lava in the underground tunnels of Ember, leaving it a much more precarious place to hide. And, in a cryptic update, they wrote, “spring celebrations have ended in Ember Land”. Which is basically code for new visual changes to Ember.

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