CS Commentator Vince Hill Explains Why He Quit Casting Just Days after First Premier Grand Final

Popular Counter Strike caster Vince ‘Vince’ Hill has announced his retirement due to health issues, traveling stresses and the ‘politics’ of being a caster.

He described the reasons for his shock decision in a video posted to YouTube.

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Vince described his future goals in life and why the hectic travel schedule of a CS caster would prevent them from happening.

I’m going to be 33 by the time this year ends and I’d like to start a family at some point soon. I’d like to have things like a dog, I’d like to have other things in my life that I can commit to but I can’t if I’m traveling. And the traveling aspect and casting, the two go hand in hand.

He also mentioned health issues as a reason for hanging it up, revealing he was coughing up blood at the end of Dreamhack Masters Stockholm.

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But his own health was not the only concern of a travel heavy schedule as Vince talked about other people in his life who could be affected.

I’m getting to an age now where family members are getting sick. Family members need me around in case something happens. I can’t justify fucking off to two or three events in a row and being like, ‘Well I’ll see you in a month, hope you don’t fall down the stairs or something.’

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Vince may not be gone from CS forever or completely, stating that he would still be interesting in online events.

I’ll probably still cast online, I’ll still try cast on my stream. If organizers want met to cast their online stuff I’ll do it, but in terms of going to events, it is time to put the microphone up and hang it up.

The complete video on his reasons for retirement is below.

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