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Confusing CSGO bug randomly spawns players on the wrong side of the map

Published: 19/Mar/2020 5:00 Updated: 19/Mar/2020 7:32

by Andrew Amos


An unfortunate CSGO glitch has players randomly spawning in the wrong spawns of maps, giving them no chance of fighting back at the start of a round.

Getting the right spawn in a game of CSGO can make executing a round so much easier. Spawning that much closer to tunnels for a quick B-site execute on Dust 2 can make or break a round.

However, what if you got a spawn that was so bad, you just started in the complete wrong location? Well, that’s a CS:GO bug one Redditor found out about the hard way during a regular game of Dust 2.


Imagine getting thrown into T spawn as a CT right at the start of the round.

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During a game on March 17, Reddit user ‘hamfriggar’ was just going about his business after finishing the round. The enemy team was down a player, but they returned just after the next round started back up.

Unfortunately, they found themselves a bit overextended on the map, dropping into the terrorist spawn instead of the counter-terrorist spawn on Dust 2.

This made for easy pickings for hamfriggar, who snapped up the kill within a second of the round starting. The enemy player was confused as to what happened, not realizing that he was on the wrong side of the map after spawning in.


Sometimes, you just have a bad spawn from GlobalOffensive

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While hamfraigaar was playing on a community server at the time, players have reported the same issue happening in regular matchmaking, as well as other competitive servers like ESEA or FACEIT queues.

The glitch happens after a player joins a game and gets a side selected for them during the respawn phase between rounds. The game can bug out, accidentally spawning them as if they were on the enemy team in the other spawn.

It’s unclear as to whether it happens on maps aside from Dust 2, but either way, the bug would be absolutely infuriating to encounter in-game. Playing with a man down is hard enough, so when they rejoin only to spawn in the wrong area would be demoralizing to say the least.


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It’s also not a new bug, having been in the game basically since its release back in 2012. While you’d hope Valve would be aware of its existence, it still remains in the game to this day.

There’s not a lot you can do other than hope you’re not on the T-side when this happens and your ally spawns in CT with the bomb ⁠— that would be a real tilter.