Coldzera: The Making of Brazil’s Greatest CSGO Champion

Shane King
Coldzera The 1v1 King

Marcelo ‘Coldzera’ David is without a doubt the greatest CS:GO player Brazil has ever produced – but he didn’t start off as the obvious talent he would later become.

When he first started playing Counter-Strike, Coldzera wasn’t even the best amongst his friend group but, while not being a natural talent, his work ethic was second to none and this led to him climbing up the ladder and gathering attention from pro teams.

With David’s ascent came the rise of CS:GO in Brazil, and also the SK Gaming era, during which he won back-to-back majors and became one of only two players to ever finish top of HLTV’s end of year player rankings twice.

He also has one of his greatest moments immortalized in the game after with his crazy AWP 4k vs Team Liquid, with Valve putting a graffiti of his in the game in honor of his incredible play.

Needless to say, Coldzera has just about done everything there is to do in CS:GO, and this is the story of how he went from the worst in his friend group to the greatest Brazilian player of all time.