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Clever CSGO exploit lets players stop Overpass train

Published: 6/Nov/2020 14:27

by Daniel Cleary


CS:GO players have been left confused by a strange exploit on the Overpass map that can stop the train completely, making it harder for attacking players to throw grenades at the B bombsite.

Many of the maps that are available in Counter-Strike have been around for years but players are still coming up with creative ways to gain advantages over their opponents.

Overpass was one of the first competitive maps in CS:GO to feature a dynamic element, with a train that passes overhead near the sewers, at the entrance to the B bombsite.

B connector on csgo's overpass
The train can be seen on the bridge above the B bombsite on Overpass.

During offensive rounds, players tend to favor the B site for quick executes, throwing Molotovs and flash grenades over the train tracks, to catch the counter-terrorist side unaware.


However, a simple trick to stop the Overpass train and prevent these grenades has been shared, and players just need to throw a single decoy onto the tracks before its arrival.

After it was shared by x6tence’s Head Coach Morten ‘zEVES’ Vollan, it kicked off a debate in the CS:GO community, leaving many questioning whether it should be treated as a map feature or as a glitch.

It is worth noting that this exploit does not last forever and the train will keep moving once the decoy has blown up, unless another grenade is thrown in its place.


While it can be difficult to predict just when this train will arrive on the map, the $50 grenade could be worth purchasing every round for the potential of ruining your opponents’ B take.

Similar bugs with the train have been seen before but this one seems to have gone under the radar in recent times, and is only now being discussed if it should be kept in Overpass for future competitions.

As of now, it is unclear whether Valve have any intention of fixing this unusual glitch or if players will simply have to work around it in their matches.