Can Karrigan’s FaZe Clan survive without Coldzera?


Despite the firepower on their roster, FaZe Clan have fallen considerably in the CS:GO rankings. But what do they need to do to flourish again, and how central is Karrigan to their hopes of a resurgence? 

Despite Coldzera being widely considered one of the best CS:GO players of all time, FaZe Clan moved him to the bench on June 1 amid some continual issues for the roster. It’s not clear what the future holds for the Brazilian or the roster, but Karrigan remains a central figure.

While he diagnoses the issues and seeks to turn them around, FaZe fans are scratching their heads as to what needs to happen. There’s potential for olofmeister to return to the main roster, but whether they can prosper without Coldzera is another question altogether.

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