Best ways to use CSGO angles to win against opponents

by Alan Bernal


Using the maps in CSGO to help out your game is as simple as choosing the best angles for the CTs to hold a site or the Ts to pick off an unsuspecting opponent.

By nature, CSGO is a slow and methodical game, with a lot of the tactical decisions actually coming before a single shot is even fired in a given round. That’s why it’s crucial for players, CT and T alike, to pay attention to their positioning by choosing the right angles to use.

There are generally two types of angles: standard and off-angles, according to voo CSGO. For most players that means choosing standard ones and using them to their optimal potential.

Holding angles with a lot of playability forces the opponent to spend time clearing multiple sightlines, according to voo.


This can mean holding a single angle that can be played in multiple ways, or choosing a general sightline that lets you fall back to safety while still defending the same focus on the map.

“The idea [with standard angles] is that you can easily get a kill on the first unsuspecting player because they’re walking into an angle where they’re expecting many different spots they have to clear,” voo explained. “But when you get that first shot off, you can easily [reposition].”

Sightlines you can hold while staying generally covered can give you a better chance at getting a kill, as well as giving your team more time to react to potentially dangerous situations since you’re staying safe and alive.



Voo explained: “When you’re positioning, oftentimes what you’re trying to do is put objects in the way from where your opponents are shooting at you so you can focus on specific spots.”

But it’s when the timer ticks to the later portions of a round where the value of off-angles exponentially increases depending on what’s happened so far.

Off-angles become really good because your opponents probably have less utility when you get to late round,” voo said. “It also means that they’re less likely to be in a position to trade.”

voo CSGO
Off-angles are great to get a kill but must be used wisely and in reaction to what’s happened in the round.


Instead of standard spots, these off-angles can offer a way to secure a round rather than stalling or thwarting a push.

It should be mentioned that the mentality behind choosing the right position should be heavily influenced by what your role in the round is. If you’re a lone player on a site or the person anchoring a rotation, you should be mindful whether to play aggressively or not.

This only scratched the surface of voo CSGO’s in-depth look at the fundamentals of positioning for players to improve how they utilize the map.