Avangar claim CS:GO pro was joking after post saying he was attacked by Christians

Alan Bernal

Avangar dispelled Ali ‘Jame’ Djami’s claim of being attacked while at Katowice for the CS:GO Major as a joke, and so far the community isn’t taking too well to the announcement.

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Avangar is a prominent fixture in the CIS region, and were recently eliminated from IEM Katowice 2019. 

Jame posted a photo on Instagram with a caption announcing his “attack,” which instantly rallied the support from those who believed his story. Jame’s Instagram post quickly made its rounds on the internet and, what was supposed to be a joke, slowly started to upset some members in the community.

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The original story on Jame’s Instagram that suggested he’d been attacked.

However, a February 25 tweet from Avangar said that Jame’s claim of being attacked by “radical Christians” was false, and the player was merely making a joke.

If the situation wasn’t confusing enough, in their tweet to apologize to anyone that may have been offended by Jame’s false story, Avangar ended their statement with a joke of their own.

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“[Jame] has not been attacked by anyone in Katowice. It was a joke,” Avangar said. “… We apologize to everyone who’ve been offended by his style of humour. Do your part — say something kind to your folks and subscribe to pewdiepie.”

Notable figures from the CS:GO scene decried the statement, pointing to the attempt at being light hearted during a serious clarification was in bad taste.

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Although Jame’s story has been clarified by Avangar, it seems the org now faces another problem with a joke gone bad.