Astralis players react to crazy reverse sweep vs Na’Vi in ESL Pro League

Astralis reverse sweep NAVIAstralis

The best of five finals to cap off Season 12 of the ESL Pro League turned out to be a match made for the history books, as Astralis managed to come from behind and pull off the reverse sweep of Natus Vincere after finding themselves down 2-0.

In the world of esports and Counter-Strike especially, there are few things sweeter than the reverse sweep. Just when it looks like a team is down and out, they start playing lights out and don’t stop until they’ve won the thing, and we love to see it.

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For example, Danish esports org Astralis capped off their most recent ESL Pro League championship run on Oct. 4 with a masterpiece comeback against Natus Vincere in the Season 12 finals.

After a 16-12 loss on Dust II to start the series out, s1mple and the rest of NAVI looked more than ready to walk away with the title, but, Astralis wasn’t done yet.

The Danes managed to claw their way back with three consecutive wins on Nuke, Train, and Overpass to somehow pull off the reverse sweep against NAVI.

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Almost immediately after as s1mple was downed for a final time, social media lit up with tales of the epic victory by the esports org against all apparent odds, including from the triumphant players themselves.

“IT’S A F***ING REVERSE SWEEP!!! WE WIN 3-2 and that’s so fucking deserved,” Astralis captain Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif posted after his team’s feat. “So proud and happy about this win. CHAMPIONS OF EPL PRO LEAGUE.”

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As we mentioned reverse sweeps are some of the best things to watch happen as an esports fan unless you’re for the team being swept, but based on how hyped Astralis players were it definitely seems like it feels even better when you pull it off yourself.

“#lowerbracketwarriors REVERSE FKN SWEEP BABY!” rifler Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen bragged. “3-2 against NaVi and we’re champions of #ESLProLeague Season 12. WHAT A DAY.”

With the current meta of professional CSGO being online-only play at the moment, it’s great to see that top-level play still has plenty of surprises for fans and players alike, even if we’re all forced to watch from home.

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The only way it could get any better is if you’re a diehard Astralis fan, basking in the glory of their come from behind win and looking forward to the start of ESL Pro League Season 13 on March 10, 2021.

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