G2 Esports loses match at Berlin Major after forgetting how CSGO works

Astralis/StarLadder/G2 Esports

In the last round of their StarLadder Berlin best-of-one match, Astralis got the bomb down against G2 Esports. And despite G2 killing all of them, the bomb still went off.

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As if Astralis needs any help, G2 Esports gifted them a round in their matchup on Nuke. Unfortunately for G2, it was the 16th round for Astralis. It was embarrassing. And everyone saw it.

Astralis and G2 were very close heading into the second half of their 1-0 pool match, with the Danes maintaining an 8-7 lead. But the former number one team dominated their second half on the T side, winning seven straight to set up map point at 15-7.

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Astralis quickly made their way into the lower B site and promptly got the bomb down, and just a minute later. Something extraordinary happened.

With the bomb down, Astralis looked to hold off the French retake, but were unsuccessful due to the AWP skills of Richard ‘shox’ Papillon, who picked up three kill, including the final one on Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz on ramp. 

With all the T side players dead in less than 20 seconds after the plant, it should be an easy defuse.

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Well, it should have been. Despite plenty of time, no one on G2 went back into the B site to defuse the bomb. 

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On the call, Anders Blume couldn’t stifle the giggles as he exclaimed ‘this can’t be real.” Jason “moses” O’Toole did a poor job of holding back a “holy shit,” and lots of laughter could be heard in the background, assumably from the players of Astralis.

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The bomb detonated, and that was it. Astralis won, moving into the 2-0 pool, and G2 will have another best-of-one against another 1-1 team.

The CS:GO community exploded in delight and dismay, cracking jokes and trying to understand what happened. G2 wasn’t even safe from their own CEO and founder, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez, who parodied a post from compLexity owner Jason Lake:

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Keep your heads up G2, there’s still plenty of Counter-Strike left to play.