April 25 CS:GO update patch notes – Ruby and Workout added, major changes to Vertigo, and more

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A new updated for CounterStrike: Global Offensive was released on April 25, and we’re here to make sure you’re caught up on everything there is to know.

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There were several important aspects of note in the April 25 update, chief of which were the addition of two new maps and a flurry of changes made to Vertigo, one of the longest existing maps in CS:GO.

In addition to changes made to a few other maps, this update also implemented some adjustments to how bots work in-game. A full breakdown of the update, including the patch notes, can be found below. 

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Two new maps added

On April 25, it was announced that two new maps were added to the rotation – Ruby and Workout. Ruby is a bomb defusal map that’s set in a “scenic town” in Portugal,, and Workout is a “community favorite” hostage rescue map.

Ruby is currently only available in the Defusal Group Sigma, and will be added to Competitive Matchmaking in the coming weeks, while Workout is available both in Competitive Matchmaking and Hostage Map Group. 

Ruby and Workout are the two new maps added to the rotation on April 25.
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As a result of these two maps entering the rotation, the community-created maps Abbey and Biome will be taken out to make room. 

Major changes to Vertigo

The April 25 update introduced numerous changes to Vertigo, a map that’s existed in CS:GO since 2012. In total, there were 19 changes made to the map, some more significant than others. 

Changes include: flattened bombsite zones, reworked Terrorist spawn, fixed some poor visibility spots, and more. The full list of all of these changes can be seen in the patch notes located at the bottom of this page.

A total of 19 changes were made to Vertigo in the April 25 update.

Adjustments to bots

This update implemented a total of four adjustments to how the AI bots work in-game, including fixing an issue that was causing certain bots to have trouble planting bombs at A site on Overpass.

Speaking of bombs, as a result of this update, bots will now have more areas to choose from when planting explosives. 

The full patch notes for the April 25 update can be viewed below:

Release Notes for 4/25/2019

2019.04.25 – 

[ MAPS ]– Workout is now available in Competitive Mode and as part of the Hostage Group.– Ruby is now available as part of the Defusal Group Sigma.– Abbey and Biome which are no longer available in official matchmaking.– Updated radars for Assault, Cobblestone, Italy, Militia, Office, Vertigo.

Cobblestone:– Added nav blocker entities for Wingman

Inferno:– Added nav blockers for Wingman mode– Fixed a bug where fountain particle effects would sometimes not play– Brightened up gate-area at top of banana

Overpass:– Added nav blocker entities for Wingman– Fixed C4 stuck spot inside connector– Balloons no longer block grenades or player movement

Train:– Added nav blocker entities for Wingman– Changed ground material to a brighter version– Updated train car models with improved collision model– Added white background near T entrance to A main

Vertigo:– Added nav blockers for Wingman mode– Removed spot where player could avoid death-trigger in elevator shaft– Fixed molotovs breaking on top of pipes near scaffolding on A ramp– Fixed some poor visibility spots– Added ibeam with construction markings for possible grenade lineups– Simplified grenade collisions on walls and bombsite crates– Decreased size of bombsite zones on both sites– Flattened bombsite zones– Lowered volume of some environment sounds– Reworked T spawn– Removed center cover in elevator room by A site– Removed pallets in elevator room near mid– Lengthened hallway-exit from elevator room by A site– Made T entrance to mid slightly tighter– Tweaked shape of sandbags in mid– Made catwalk near B stairs one section longer– Removed ibeam closest to B stairs– Updated elevator model– Blocked view from CT spawn towards bombsite B catwalk

[ BOTS ]– Enabled nav blocker entities for bots to path correctly when playing Wingman.– Fixed bots from sometimes falling down from ladders and improved bots ladder movement in general.– Fixed bots having trouble planting bombs at A site on Overpass.– Bots now choose more areas available for bomb plants.

Don’t Skip Leg Day

2019.04.25 – 

Today we’re introducing two maps to CS:GO: Ruby, a bomb defusal map set in a scenic town in Portugal, and Workout, a community favorite hostage rescue map! As these two maps enter, we’ll say goodbye to two other community-created maps: Abbey and Biome.

Ruby is currently available in the Defusal Group Sigma, but in the coming weeks will be added to Competitive Matchmaking. Workout is currently available in Competitive Matchmaking, and the Hostage Map Group.

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