Anders and Moses Raise Concern Over New Defuse Sound Ahead of CS:GO Major

Virginia Glaze
CS:GO - Valve Corporation

CS:GO commentators Anders and Moses expressed concern over the game’s new defuse sound effect during the 2018 Dreamhack Masters event.

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Stockholm’s Dreamhack Masters event, home to CS:GO’s CORSAIR tournament, spans from August 29th – September 3rd.

During a match between team FaZe and team Heroic on the first day of Masters, commentators Anders and Moses noted Counter-Strike’s new bomb-defuse sound.

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The new sound effect is a far cry from its previous iterations. Instead of a short series of beeps or a muffled voice announcing the diffusion, the effect is now a mixture of cheers, party poppers, and applause in celebration of a successful mission.

Team FaZe successfully defused team Heroic’s bomb, resulting in the sound effect and causing a raucous reaction from the Twitch chat. CS:GO commentators Anders and Moses weren’t too pleased with the change.

“I keep forgetting that’s going to happen.”

“What happens if we’re at the Major and it’s the most epic 1 vs 4 ever, and that little party sound goes off?”

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The commentators felt as though the sound would take away from the Major’s seriousness, stating that the effect could be an issue.

“Yeah, can we disable it for the Major? That’s actually… that might be a problem.”

The effect could likewise act as a taunt against an opposing team, or even prove a major distraction during clutch moments.

The CORSAIR Major spans from September 1st – 2nd: with the major close at hand, the new sound’s effects are still yet to be seen on its competitors.