Allu speaks out after ENCE roster divide with suNny, sergej

Andrew Amos
Allu playing for ENCEESL

ENCE star and captain Aleksi ‘allu’ Jalli has spoken out after the Finn was criticized for crippling the once-stars of CS:GO by former teammates Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi and Jere ‘sergej’ Salo, stating that some of the claims are “very absurd.”

ENCE were the golden child of CS:GO in 2019.

The Finnish team could seemingly do no wrong, as they continued to stun everyone’s expectations all the way through with Major finals appearances and titles galore.

However, it all came to a head after the team dropped Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen in December 2019. The IGL’s loss crippled ENCE, sending them on one of the biggest falls from grace in CS:GO history.

Aleksib’s removal from ENCE has been highlighted as start of the Finn’s downfall.

Fingers have been pointed at many, but none more so than Allu ⁠— the final remaining member of the original ENCE squad. He criticized Jere ‘sergej’ Salo on the HLTV Confirmed podcast, claiming Salo had no motivation.

“In the Spring we already took a one-month break for him, to maybe get him motivation, to maybe get his things going on, and it wasn’t enough,” allu said. “He still tried and played with us for six months and really tried to make it work, really much respect.”

“I wouldn’t take everything what [Allu] says as granted. He isn’t as simple and harmless persona as it may look. There’s a reason he’s the only one left in the team from the original roster,” sergej replied, which was also circulated by other former ENCE members.

Allu was called out yet again on a Finnish CS:GO podcast “Urheilucast,” who furthered the claims. However, Jalli has denied all accusations, and while he says he’s not the perfect teammate, not everything is his fault.

“We react to events in different ways when under pressure, and sometimes comments that one thinks are harmless can lead to big problems. Therefore it would be important to talk things through in a timely manner and in the correct way,” he said on Twitter, according to a translation by /u/Reporanka.

“I’m confused and sad about how issues are being brought to the public now. I’ve been the teammate of Jere [sergej] for two and a half years. We’ve been roommates in tournaments throughout the whole journey and have also spent time off the server as friends.

“Jere has never mentioned anything about the issues related to this tweet to me. Through my whole professional career I’ve done things to my best ability. The road hasn’t always been rosy and I’ve made miscalculations, too.”

He also said that all the decisions about benching players, as well as kicking Aleksib, were not individual ones, but the team’s one.

“One thing has always been unmistakably clear to me: I don’t have the power to ⁠— and I don’t want to ⁠— make any team decisions alone. I’ve always tried to and wanted to resolve issues in private.”

“What comes to the Urheilucast-podcast, I’ll note that the claims are very absurd. I wish that each one of us would consider what kind of allegations we make about other people,” he added.

ENCE is currently ranked 38th in the world. Only Allu, Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen, and Joonas ‘doto’ Forss remain on the roster.